Tuesday, February 7, 2017

How Serving in the US Marine Corps Helped a NASA Mission Manager-Commercial Crew Program

Trip Healey,a former US Marine Corps sergeant and helicopter squadron door gunner with 550 hours flying time,is one of two Mission Managers for NASA's Commercial Crew Program,which is scheduled to launch its uncrewed test in November 2017 of the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft on a Falcon 9 rocket.Healey himself is assigned to the Boeing Starliner spacecraft,which is slated for its uncrewed test launch on a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket in June 2018.He described for the NASA website how his four years in the Marines helps him do his NASA work today:
I am a Marine,and as a Marine,it's all about mission accomplishment,taking care of your troops,and getting the job done.I think that background helps me in my position here.
I grew up around helicopters,jets,flying on helicopter missions,and just being on the flight line-aviation became part of my blood.There are so many lessons learned from that environment that translated into the NASA workforce-like teamwork;mission accomplishment;and watching out for one another.
I learned and applied the thought of only focusing on what was within my span of control and not focusing on those things I could not affect.What I did for the team as the daily planner was lay out a battle rhythm to get the work done,which seemed to change in scope and complexity on a daily basis.That is a great trait of a Marine-to be expeditious and get the job done-and a commonality shared with NASA.But the real analog between the Marines and NASA is that everyone is fully committed,no matter what the sacrifice,because the team feels as though what we are doing is bigger than any of us.*
After the Marines,Trip earned a BS in aeronautical engineering and a Master's in technical management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.*
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