Tuesday, January 20, 2015

U.S. & Canadian Army Paratroopers C-130H Airdrop-night jump

Canadian Special Operations - Canada's Silent Warriors (HD) FSSF- CANSOFCOM

Canadian Troops Suppress ISIL Barrage

Canadian special forces troops had traveled to the front lines in the past week with their Iraqi trainees,in order to visualise the map they had been studying.ISIL militants spotted them and opened up on them with a mortar and machine gun.Invoking their right of self-defence,the Canadians neutralised the enemy position by laying down sniper fire,according to General Michael Rouleau,commander of Canadian Special Operations Force Command.It was the first instance of coalition forces engaging in ground combat operations during Operation Inherent Resolve,the anti-Islamic State effort.General Rouleau described the ISIL militants' attack as being immediate and effective.
The Canadian SOP troops in Iraq number about 70.Their mission is to train,advise and assist Iraqi troops-particularly the Kurdish Peshmerga forces.In addition,they are serving as forward air controllers, targeting ISIL positions with laser markers,collecting intelligence on them and analysing what positions should be bombed.Six Royal Canadian Air Force CF-18 fighter aircraft are in Iraq participating in coalition airstrikes on Islamist militant targets,supported by another 600 Canadian troops.Canada is one of the leading contributors to Operation Inherent Resolve.
The SOP troops established Patrol Base Cirillo in a November ceremony.No Canadian soldiers were injured in last week's firefight.The incident points up the way even trainers can become involved in combat,the best intentions of their political leaders notwithstanding.Both Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and President Barack Obama have insisted their troops are not on a combat mission.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

DIA: Voice of the Customer

Get Ready: DIA Is Ready for a Changing World

Marine Corps General to Head Defense Intelligence Agency

Major General Vincent R Stewart,US Marine Corps,will assume command of the Defense Intelligence Agency on 23 January,Pentagon spokesman COL Steve Warren,US Army,announced today.Just before being sworn in at DIA headquarters on Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling in Washington,GEN Stewart will be promoted to Lieutenant General.He will be the first Marine and the first African American to head the agency.
GEN Stewart is currently commander of Marine Forces Cyber Command,and was previously intelligence director at Headquarters US Marine Corps.*
DIA says it is committed to its vital role in winning today's wars,preventing strategic surprise,deterring conflict,and preparing to defeat future adversaries.Its core mission capabilities are collecting,processing,exploiting and analysing foreign military and defence-related information,and then disseminating the timely and relevant all-source analysis.It also takes pride in providing surge intelligence support to combatant commanders and warfighters for their priority operational and tactical intelligence requirements.The DIA trains the defence attaches who serve in US embassies.