Tuesday, December 20, 2016

UK and US Defence Ministers:Why ISIL Is Losing

Defence ministers from member countries of the anti-ISIL Operation Inherent Resolve coalition met in London last week to assess the campaign's progress and chart the way ahead to ultimate victory over the Islamist extremists.
ISIL is now failing,said UK Defence Minister Michael Fallon.It controls less than 10% of Iraq.It's lost more than a quarter of land it once held in Syria.Its supply of recruits has dried up and more than 25,000 fighters have been killed.*
Thanks to the determination and the courage of our local partners in Iraq,Syria and elsewhere,pointed out US Defense Secretary Ash Carter,as well as the contributions made by service members from across our coalition and the leadership of the countries represented here today,our campaign has continually accelerated the execution of the campaign,simultaneously pressuring ISIL from all directions and across all domains.
As we look to the future of our campaign,there's clear value in our strategic approach of enabling local forces to seize and hold territory rather than attempting to substitute for them.This approach has not only been effective;it's also sustainable.It will be necessary to continue this kind of cooperation with our local partners,Dr.Carter emphasised.

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