Wednesday, November 9, 2016

NATO Exercise Patriot Shock V:Air Defence Artillery Test at Short Notice

NATO Exercise Patriot Shock V is underway in both Romania and Poland,involving 200 troops from the US,Romania,Poland and Sweden.The drills,running from 5-10 November 2016,are a Deployment Readiness Exercise in conjunction with a multinational air defence exercise,said the 10th Army Artillery and Missile Defense Command.
As part of the exercise,the Soldiers of Delta Battery,5th Battalion,7th Air Defense Artillery Regiment,were in Romania in less than 72 hours of the notice of their deployment to a location near Camp Midia,Romania.Speed of assembly and speed of achieving interoperability with their Romanian Allies were key to the challenge they were presented with.Indeed,a Patriot missile battery had never been deployed to Romania before.The drills will validate the unit's readiness and demonstrate US Army Europe's rapid deployment capability.They will showcase the unit's leaders' and Soldiers' resilience and build their confidence in the capabilities of their mobility platforms and mission command systems while demonstrating US commitment to Allies and partners in the Black Sea region.*
Patriot Shock is also taking place in Skwierzyna,Poland,where the W 125 launcher SC Anti-missile syetem and Newa missile were deployed by the Polish army's 35th Air Defence Squadron.Participants obtained the ability to plan,prepare and execute joint and combined training in a real time,realistic setting.The exercise increases the proficiency in defending against aerial threats,while improving the integration and interoperability between US and Polish personnel and systems.It demonstrates NATO's ability to move forces quickly and freely across allied borders and maintain freedom of movement across the region.*
Also deployed by Poland was the 23mm anti-aircraft weapon system.This built fires interoperability between the US and Poland Air Defense Artillery community,making a stronger Alliance while demonstrating the participating nations' ability to deploy troops rapidly.Troops from Poland and Sweden are synchronising and integrating their air defence systems with US Soldiers,which would be critical in any multinational contingency operations,the US Army points out.

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