Tuesday, March 1, 2016

NATO'S Massive Winter Exercise in Norway with B-52s

A sizeable NATO exercise,Cold Response 2016,involving about 16,000 air,ground and maritime forces from 12 countries is running in the Trondelag region of Central Norway through 9 March.The troops will collectively develop tactics,techniques and procedures for extreme cold-weather combat operations.
Of special interest is the deployment of three US Air Force B-52H Stratofortress strategic bombers from Barksdale Air Force Base,Louisiana to participate in the exercise.The aircraft landed at Moron Air Base,Spain on 27 February.
We appreciate the opportunity to take part in such a large multinational exercise at the invitation of our Norwegian allies,and we are especially thankful to test our skills in such unique cold-weather conditions,said Lieutenant Colonel Dennis Cummings,2nd Expeditionary Bomber Group Commander.*
During the drills,the B-52s will execute multiple sorties,simulating strikes against ground targets in the training area.The nuclear-capable heavy bomber can deliver large payloads of precision nuclear or conventional ordnance over long distances,while providing decision makers the option of rapid military power projection.*
Other US participants in Cold Response 2016 include KC-135 Stratotankers;F-16 Fighting Falcons;and C-130 Hercules transports for ground forces support.

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